3 Biggest Reasons to Treat Chronic Lower Back Pain

by | Oct 21, 2016

Have you ever listened to someone talk about some form of chronic pain they are experiencing, and when you finally get a chance to speak you ask…”What are you doing for it?”  the ususal response is…”Oh, I’ve just learned to live with it.”

Over the years I have had thousands of people, some patients, some people I just met, tell me stories about their chronic back pain.  The story often ends with those same 6 very dangerous words… “I’ve learned to live with it”.

Why is this so dangerous?

Years ago I was hiking in Yosemite Park and I ran across a sign that said something very profound…”Nothing in nature stays the same, it is either growing and flourishing or withering and dying”.  Think about that for just a moment and you will see just how true it is.

You and everyone you know are part of “Nature”, so which is it for you?  This leads to the first big reason to treat your chronic back pain…

The chronic pain you feel today is worse than it was yesterday.

“No” you say, “It is the same pain I have always had”… Sorry, it has to be worse, since nothing in nature stays the same. Pain is only a messanger telling you something is wrong, it is not the problem itself. If you disregard the message, or cover it up with pain pills, the true problem is only going to degenerate and become worse. It has to, it’s a rule of nature.

Remember the old Fram Oil Filter commercials?

They all ended with a car mechanic saying the same line…”You can pay me now or pay me later”.  The “later” always came with a much larger bill due to the car problem getting bigger as a result of not taking care of a smaller problem to start with.  The same is true here…”living with”, your chronic pain only leads to bigger problems.

Big Reason Number 2…It Changes Who You Are…

Multiple studies have been conducted on chronic pain and mood disturbances.  Harvard Medical School says that the most common changes seen in chronic pain patients are anxiety and depression, anger, rage, violence, sleep disturbances, and drug addiction.  In fact chronic back pain patients are 300% more likely to develop depression and anxiety disorder. 

 The typical scenario they describe is…chronic back pain leads to immobility: which leads to depression: which leads to isolation: which leads to drug dependance: which leads to…?

Big Reason Number 3…It Ages Your Brain Up 20 Times Faster than Normal.

Studies done at Northwestern University, University of Alberta, and Keele University in the UK found that chronic back pain and/or sciatica, shrinks the gray matter of your brain by as much as 11% per year.  Your ability to concentrate or remember can be permanently affected.

Why does this happen?…

In short, because the chronic back pain forces the nerves to work…ALL THE TIME!.  It burns them out, and even more scary is the fact the longer the pain is allowed to continue the harder it is to reverse or treat due to these changes in the brain.

Does “Learning to Live With It”, Still Sound Like a Good Idea?

If your answer is “Yes”, than maybe you have already experienced too much of  Big Reason Number 3.  It is my hope that you answered no.

I tell my patients all the time to…”Keep their mind on their health not their health on their mind”.  Your brain maybe affected by pain, but you shouldn’t allow pain to control how or what you think about, or who you are.

Over the past 28 years we have helped thousands of people,

get their lives back by helping eliminate pain in a safe, natural, effective way.  Many of these people had been told by other doctors or therapists that nothing more could be done to help them, in most cases this just isn’t true.  Don’t give up and give in to the pain, the answer is out there. I’d like to help you find it.

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