How to “Naturally” treat your slipped or herniated disc

by | Nov 4, 2016

If you have been following my posts you have read the phrase,” If your only tool is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail…”

What is considered “ Best Treatment,” therefore

is based on the type of doctor you see:  an MD will prescribe drugs, an acupuncturist will recommend acupuncture, a chiropractor will recommend adjustments, you get the idea.  In this article I will lay out what I have seen, and experienced myself over the past 28 years to help you decide what is best for you.

Prolapse of intervertebral disc closeupFor this to make sense to you…

you need to understand how discs slip or more accurately herniate in the first place. ( I spoke to this in a prior post, Slipped Discs, how good discs go bad), but to recap: there must be damage to the vertebra above or below the herniated disc first for a disc to become unhealthy.  Most frequently this damage occurs due to lack of normal motion of one or both of those vertebra.

Since altered function of the joints those vertebra make up started the problem…

Any solution that doesn’t remedy that situation is not going to offer any satisfying long term results.  Here’s an example: If your car is overheating because of a leak in a radiator hose, adding water to the radiator is not going to be a long term solution to the problem.  Make sense?

Here is the order of treatment most patients experience…

First is pain pills and muscle relaxers.   This course of care has no real effect on what is causing the pain ( disc herniation ) or in relieving the herniated disc itself.   What occurs is a chemical blockage of the bodies ability to produce the pain signal, more on this in a moment.  So what are the pros and cons of this? Pro: reduced pain. Con: does nothing to heal the problem, leads to possible addiction to pain killers.

“ My doctor prescribed an injection into my spine…”

The standard, second step. The idea is to place a steroid or other drug directly on the inflamed nerve or disc.  I am not going to give the pros and cons, instead here is a quote from the Journal of the American Medical Association:  “Patients with low back pain differ in their clinical presentation and may respond differently to treatments. Injection therapy of any kind may be beneficial in individual cases or subgroups. Nevertheless, given the weak scientific evidence base and the availability of noninvasive and more effective alternatives, physicians and policy makers should not recommend the use of injection therapy for patients with low back pain and sciatica.”  

Another article regarding spinal injections references the fact that a minority of doctors are doing the majority of injections.

The problem with injections is the same with drugs…THEY DON’T CURE ANYTHING RELATED TO THE DISC.

Instead, if successful they make you FEEL better, not really BE better. This leads to an even worse problem being created due to you not really experiencing what is going on.  In an earlier article I used the analogy of blaming the smoke alarm for the pan on fire in the kitchen.  So you deaden the pain by injection or drugs, but have done nothing about what caused it in the first place!

If you are still in pain, this is when Surgery is recommended.

There will never be a shortage of surgeons willing to do surgery on a herniated disc, the question is…”Does it really help?”  Well, that depends on who you talk to, remember the…”if your only tool is a hammer,”  A study named, Seven to 20 year outcome of lumbar discectomy, had this to say,  CONCLUSIONS:

“The long-term results of standard lumbar discectomy are not very satisfying. More than one-third of the patients had unsatisfactory results and more than one quarter complained of significant residual pain.”  The issue once again is in not dealing with the actual problem, but the end result of the problem instead.

You must correct what caused the disc to slip or herniate in the first place combined with healing the disc.

So how is this done?  For the past 18 years we have performed a procedure that I claim is as close to a miracle as I have ever seen.  The procedure is called Spinal Decompression and  was developed by a neurosurgeon named Norman Sheeley.

I became interested due to the fact there was a group of patients I just wasn’t able to help.

As it turned out most, if not all of them were suffering from disc injuries.  I was getting so discouraged losing these patients to drugs, shots and surgery…I knew there had to be a better way and there is.

Over the past 18 years we have helped heal thousands of disc injuries,

Using Spinal Decompression in combination with restoring normal motion to the joints.

Spinal Decompression is not utilized by most chiropractors.  Our office has been performing the procedure longer than anyone in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you or someone you know is suffering from disc injury look into Spinal Decompression it can truly change lives for the better.

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