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You’re fed up with living like this…tired of being held hostage by lower back pain. Never knowing when the pain will just ,“Show up.” Maybe you were lifting the kids, or twisting, or playing basketball, or putting on socks, or whatever. The bottom line is this…, whatever caused the pain needs to be properly diagnosed and corrected. Hiding your pain with endless drugs, shots or surgery is not a real solution and leads to potentially worse problems later on. Since 1988 I have been helping people get back to the life they want to lead, free from pain, in a safe, natural and most importantly, effective way.

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3 Top causes of Sciatica and what to do about them

3 Top causes of Sciatica and what to do about them

Headache Solutions Lower Back Pain Disc Injuries Spinal Decompression Whiplash Posture Correction If you are experiencing the pain of sciatica my heart goes out to you.  I know firsthand how painful and disabling this condition can be. The unremitting pain, the...

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Dr. Canty has run an office in San Mateo on 25th Ave. since 1988. Our office is conveniently located on the corner of 25th Ave. and Flores St. in the Manor Theater Building.

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