The most common type of headache, is it yours?

by | Nov 3, 2016

Over the past 28 years I have treated hundreds of people suffering from headaches.  Most of the time the patient refers to their headache as a “Migraine,” and usually they are wrong.  They call there headache a migraine because it is very painful, but level of pain does not make a headache a migraine.

No, what they usually have most commonly is…

Muscle Tension Headache also called Tension-Type Headache.  It is estimated that this type of headache is experienced by 80% of the US population. It is even becoming more frequent in kids. Up to 15% of children experience Muscle Tension Headaches too, and this number is rising.  Why? I suggest you read Cell Phones, Your Child and Posture, for a clearer understanding.  For now…

Let’s talk about you.

How many days were you unable to: work, play, exercise, or socialize this past month due to headache pain?   Have you ever really kept track of how much of your life you have missed out on due to headaches?

This will surprise you…

Muscle Tension Headaches have two categories: Episodic or Chronic.  If you experience a headache 15 days out the month guess which one you have…If you guessed “Chronic,” you guessed wrong!  That’s only the episodic headache.  Chronic is more than 15 days per month.

Imagine that, (or maybe you don’t have to imagine because you live it),  having a headache more than half of your Alive Time.

I don’t care what the ads on TV say…It is not normal to have a headache.  And it definitely is not normal to have one more than 15 days out of the month.

The advertisers on TV would have you believe…

the answer to your headache can be found in a bottle of Advil, or Tylenol, or Aleve, or Excedrin, or Extra Strength Excedrin.  Please, if this were any type of “cure”, why would you need to take it every time you have a headache.  It isn’t curing anything, all that type of treatment does is mask the pain temporarily.In fact, this type of “treatment”creates it’s own type of headache, called Medication-Overuse Headache.  

This headache is created by the constant use of over the counter and prescription medications that were taken to make the headache go away.


No misprint and you didn’t read it wrong.  Daily headaches can be created by frequently taking medication to make them go away.  (Watch for another article on this topic)

“So what do I do about my Muscle Tension Headache?”

I’m glad you asked.  The cause is in the name of the headache as is the solution.  Muscle Tension.  It is abnormal stress or tension in the muscles that is creating the headache, so by reducing that stress or tension you prevent the headache from occurring.

It is certainly a much more logical approach then taking handfuls of pain pills.

“How is the Muscle Tension reduced?”

By first finding out what is causing it.  One of the most commonly missed reasons for the muscles in the neck to be tense is laxity or stretching of the ligaments designed to keep the bones of your neck in place.  This stretching allows the bones, or vertebra, to move in ways they weren’t meant to.  The abnormal motion causes the muscles to tighten or tense up as a way of protecting your spine.

The problem with that is…

that increased tension can block normal blood flow to the muscles, or causes the muscles to work too hard and too long.  This is why so many people with Muscle Tension Headaches also complain of neck or upper back pain too.

Degeneration of discs and arthritis of the spine can also…

lead to the development of Muscle Tension Headache.  These are very important contributors to the pain and need to examined.

I’ve had great success helping people with Muscle Tension Headaches.

Earlier in this article I asked you to “Imagine” having headaches 15 days or more out of the month.  Now I would like for you to imagine not having headaches at all.  Think of all the new found time you will have.  No more days given up due to pain.

Pain free is how you are meant to live.

I’d love to help you get there.

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