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Did you ever think life was taking you one direction and suddenly you were on a different path?

I was in college majoring in biology. I knew I wanted to be a medical doctor or a veterinarian, I hadn’t decided which

The pain came out of nowhere…

like a red hot spike shoved into my lower back. As I laid on my back my legs began to twitch and I couldn’t catch my breath. The track team’s trainer ran over to see if I was alright, he had seen the whole thing…one second I am gliding through the shot put ring, the next I am doing the splits and falling backward.

As I tried to get back on my feet white hot bolts of pain shot down my legs and I collapsed unable to stand. With his help and that of a teammate, they were able to get me to the training room. After some stretching and sitting in a whirlpool I was able to stand, I was taken back to the stadium and tried to run a few steps…no way. Waves of pain now made it impossible to find a comfortable position. I was 19 years old.

Fear and uncertainty are terrible things.

The team doctor saw me the next day, her diagnosis…”muscle spasm”. I was given two prescriptions: one for pain, the second for the muscle spasms. I took those pills for nearly two months with minimal relief, my track season was going down the drain.

I was getting very little sympathy.

Teammates and coaches were looking at me kind of funny. There were no broken bones, no blood visible…”How can you be that hurt?” At least the trainer understood, he set up an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon that the team used. After my consultation with him, he leaned across his desk and said,”You need back surgery”.

It was weird, I had a sense of relief…

I was vindicated, I really was injured. When I told my parents their response was…”Well, the doctor knows best.” Did I mention that neither doctor had done a thorough exam or taken x- rays? Yet I was being told I needed back surgery…remember, I was only 19 years old.

“I’ve seen some bad results from back surgery…”

Is what the trainer said. “ Have you ever considered seeing a Chiropractor?” “A what?, what the heck is that?”, I had never heard the word before, well that’s not really true…when I was in high school, lifting weights with the football team, a man walked in and introduced himself to

the coach as Dr. So and So. The coach was so excited. He immediately told the doctor that we needed a medic for the sidelines for our upcoming game.

The doctor looked down at his feet and mumbled something about his license not allowing him to do that. So my opinion was that chiropractors were not really doctors.

But I was desperate…

I couldn’t run, I couldn’t even walk without being bent over at the waist like some little old lady. “I’ll try anything,” so the trainer set up an appointment with a chiropractor he knew.

From the first moment I walked into his office I knew it was different.

He actually examined me, he took time with me and took x-rays of my back, which had not been done. It is hard to believe looking back, but neither of the team doctors did any real physical exam, and yet I was being loaded with pain pills and told surgery was my only option. Within two weeks of starting the Chiropractic treatment I was running again. I never had the back surgery, which was described as, “Your only option”.

Here is the point of the story:

Over the past 28 years I have helped thousands of people who were just like me.

There is a phrase I use at least once a week and that phrase is…”If your only tool is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail.“ Think about that for a second, the MD prescribed drugs, which is her “hammer”, the Orthopedist prescribed surgery which is his “hammer”. The problem is both of those “tools” have dangerous, and or life impacting side effects. In fact, Time Magazine in June of 2015 had a cover story about pain pills and how, ”They’re creating the worst addiction crisis America has ever seen.”

If you or someone you know is living on Pain Pills,

or has been told shots or surgery is the only option, you need to find a doctor with a different “Hammer”.

Call: 650 349-1516

Dr. Canty takes chiropractic therapy to the next level. His treatments are science-based and use the latest technologies that have verifiable results.

Jim R.
Moss Beach


Dr. Canty and his staff make me feel cared for. I’m not just a patient, but a member of a family. Speaking of which, my son now sees Dr. Canty on a regular basis too 🙂

Barbara D.
Redwood City

Dr. Canty has run an office in San Mateo on 25th Ave. since 1988. Our office is conveniently located on the corner of 25th Ave. and Flores St. in the Manor Theater Building.

32 W 25th Ave #100

San Mateo, CA 94403

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