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3 Top causes of Sciatica and what to do about them

Headache Solutions Lower Back Pain Disc Injuries Spinal Decompression Whiplash Posture Correction If you are experiencing the pain of sciatica my heart goes out to you.  I know firsthand how painful and disabling this condition can be. The unremitting pain, the...

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The most common type of headache, is it yours?

Over the past 28 years I have treated hundreds of people suffering from headaches.  Most of the time the patient refers to their headache as a “Migraine,” and usually they are wrong.  They call there headache a migraine because it is very painful, but level of pain does not make a headache a migraine.

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Herniated Disc? Why good discs go bad?

Headache SolutionsLower Back PainDisc Injuries Spinal DecompressionWhiplashPosture Correction Ok, so you’ve been told you, or someone you care about has a slipped or herniated disc. You are probably very confused ( made worse by the back or neck pain ).  The point of...

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3 Biggest Reasons to Treat Chronic Lower Back Pain

Have you ever listened to someone talk about some form of chronic pain they are experiencing, and when you finally get a chance to speak you ask…”What are you doing for it?” the ususal response is…”Oh, I’ve just learned to live with it.”

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